This is a real holographic.
ASKA3D can project stunning videos
and objects in midair.

The holographic images you see are not VR images or optical illusions.
They are actual videos and objects projected in midair.
You can even use a magnifying glass to enlarge them.
Moreover, this technology does not use the focus technique,
which allows you to move the images back and forth when displaying them.
ASKA3D does not require any complicated equipment. All you need is an ASKA3D-Plate.
You can also project videos in vehicles and similar bright locations.


The revolutionary video projection technology of
ASKA3D has opened a path to new business opportunities.

Existing technologies use films or steam to project videos, creating holographic illusions.
However, those technologies only enable the user to see the images without being able to interact with them.
ASKA3D, on the other hand, allows you to interact with the projected images with your hands.

This technology can now be used in vehicles, medical treatment, and for digital signage.
Furthermore, it allows you to project lights and illuminations in midair, or show images inside water tanks.
We want to create a new world with this cutting-edge device.

ASKA3D Usage Examples

Since it is difficult to express the distance between the ASKA3D-Plate and images in mid-air
through the camera due to the nature of the ASKA3D-Plate, please experience its amazing features through exhibitions.

ASKA3D Youtube Channel


You can watch ASKA3D demonstrations at various events around the world.
Feel a thrill that photos and videos can never give you.

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We sell ASKA3D-Plate by units.
Contact us to get a quote for large orders.