We will co-exhibit at CES 2022, the world's largest tech exhibition, together with ASKA3D North America distributor.

As part of our aerial display business operations, Holo Industries LLC, our North America distributor, and Asukanet Co., Ltd. will be co-exhibiting at “CES 2022” (, which will be held at Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center from January 5 (Wed.) to January 8 (Sat.), 2022. By exhibiting at this exhibition, which attracts companies from around the world with cutting-edge technologies, we aim to raise awareness of our technology and acquire specific projects.

Highlight of the exhibition

  • 1. Exhibiting the applications of contactless touch screen
  • 2. Exhibiting signage on glass and plastic ASKA3D-plates
  • 3. Exhibit of various contents using aerial displays

Highlight of the exhibition

About CES 2022 (Las Vegas, USA., 1/5~1/8)

CES is one of the world's largest electronics and IT trade shows. Every year, companies from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to showcase their groundbreaking technologies, including AI, 5G, VR, smart home appliances, robotics, blockchain technology, fintech, and many other cutting-edge technologies.


Overview of CES 2022

Exhibition dates
: January 5 (Wed.) to January 8 (Sat.), 2022
: Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (Las Vegas, USA)
: 9377