Our North American technology partner and Mastercard collaborate on contactless payment terminals

ASKA3D’s North American technology partner Holo Industries LLC, is jointly developing a contactless credit card payment system with Mastercard. The system combines Holo's proprietary Holographic Touch™ technology using the ASKA3D-Plate with Mastercard's touchless payment capabilities.

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There is a growing need for contactless payment systems that enable customers to make payments simply by holding a credit or debit card over a terminal as a countermeasure against infectious diseases. However, contactless payment systems have a set limit on the amount of transaction. For payments exceeding a certain amount, a signature or PIN must be entered using a keypad.

To remedy this situation, Holo Industries LLC and Mastercard have developed a contactless credit card payment system that enables a signature and PIN entry on the holographic display, eliminating the need for physical contact while ensuring safety and security.

The contactless credit card payment system with ASKA3D-Plate will be deployed as pilot programs to selected merchants by the end of 2022.

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We will expand sales of ASKA3D-Plate so that it will be used in a variety of situations.

About Holo Industries LLC:

Asukanet signed an agreement with Holo Industries LLC as ASKA3D’s North American technology partner in the fall of 2020. With its superior product development capabilities and sales force based in North America and Europe, the company has been working as a partner to promote the spread of ASKA3D-Plates and technology.