InfoComm Asia 2023 Exhibition Report

As part of our holographic display business operation, Asukanet Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce its participation in the exhibition "InfoComm Asia 2023 ( held in Bangkok, Thailand from May 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2023, and we are pleased to report on the exhibition.

Purpose of Exhibit

  • ・Increase awareness of holographic displays in the fast-growing Southeast Asia region
  • ・Create contacts with new business partners and customers
  • ・To understand the latest trends in the audiovisual industry in the Southeast Asia region and make proposals to customers


・Large holographic wall signage

We exhibited holographic signage using large glass plates. Combining a large high-resolution display with a 1-meter square ASKA3D-Plate, video and advertising content is displayed in a powerful way that makes it seem as if it is popping out of the wall and into the mid-air. At the booth, actual large holographic wall signage was displayed, allowing visitors to experience its superior visual expression. In Southeast Asia, people tend to prefer large, prominent signage, and many visitors expressed their expectations for the introduction of large holographic wall signage to the market. New business opportunities expanded with inquiries from various industry professionals and advertising agencies.

・Large-scale interactive holographic signage

Large-scale interactive holographic signage combining ASKA3D-840 and ASKA3D-630 with various sensors was exhibited. Vivid content is displayed in the air, and the signage combined with interactive functions can effectively communicate advertisements and information. Visitors who experienced the signage said they would like to use it at airports, shopping malls, and exhibition halls in Southeast Asia.

・Various holographic input devices with ASKA3D-Plates

Various types of holographic input devices equipped with plastic and glass ASKA3D-Plates that can be easily connected to a PC to realize a non-contact holographic touch panel were exhibited. The exhibit attracted a great deal of interest from visitors because it reduces the man-hours required to develop holographic input devices and can replace existing terminals with a simple connection. Since the visitors actually tried out the products and highly evaluated the potential of the devices and their business applications, we will pursue opportunities for market introduction and joint development.

・Pyramid-shaped 4-sided holographic display

The pyramid-shaped 4-sided holographic display is a new method of expressing holographic images by combining glass ASKA3D-Plates; each side of the pyramid displays a different holographic image, allowing the holographic image to be observed from four directions. In addition, one of the sides has a sensor attached to it, allowing the user to operate the image in mid-air. Targeted primarily at museums and art galleries, the display has received a high level of interest from designers and digital content production companies.


Through our participation in the exhibition in Thailand, we were able to generate a lot of interest and business opportunities as well as increase awareness of ASKA3D holographic displays. Through this exhibition, we were able to meet potential customers and partners in Thailand and the Southeast Asian region, and we aim to build cooperative relationships and promote market penetration.