Plastic ASKA3D-Plate Samples Available from June
"Achieving more affordable prices through a method suitable for mass production"

As part of our holographic display business, we have considered mass production of a plate that enables midair imaging (hereinafter referred to as the ASKA3D-Plate) to be a major issue. Since last year, we have been proceeding with R&D on a method suitable for mass production, and we have successfully completed prototypes with stable quality. We plan to unveil them at the CEBIT 2018 exhibition in Germany in June and simultaneously begin providing samples.

1. Background

Establishing a structure for the mass production of plastic ASKA3D-Plate products has been an issue for many years. From this term, we developed an effective method suitable for mass production and engaged in creating prototypes. We displayed these prototypes at CEATEC JAPAN 2017 held in October of last year, but we determined that their imaging quality, particularly for the medium-sized type (20-cm square), was insufficient. We immediately investigated the cause and implemented countermeasures, then reconstructed our molds and reviewed our processes, making it possible to provide samples.

2. Samples

These samples are manufactured using the method suitable for mass production. Along with starting provision of samples, we are proceeding with more prototyping for mass production, aiming for even more stable quality and lower cost. We expect that when we start mass production, our production performance will be several thousand to about 10,000 plates per month, and we are moving forward with preparation based on that expectation.
This plate has two sizes (20-cm square and 10 cm x 15 cm), and while the imaging quality is somewhere inferior to glass products, we have improved the brightness, resolution, distortion, and durability, and expect the product to be used primarily for embedding purposes for midair operation.
Although the price will vary significantly depending on the quantity, we expect to set a price range that can offer sufficient performance for any application.
While there are still some elements to be improved, we are releasing this as the first version that can be ordered.

Regarding the provision of samples, we will not only reply to inquiries at CEATEC JAPAN 2017 and overseas exhibitions, but will also make proposals to customers that have purchased our glass plates. We also plan to begin accepting inquiries via our website as soon as we are ready. However, regarding pricing, we will provide individual quotations after directly discussing the various conditions with you.

3. CEBIT 2018

CEBIT 2018 is a B2B exhibition for innovation and digitalization held at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Germany from June 11 (Mon) to 15 (Fri). It is a large trade fair expecting about 3,000 exhibitors from 70 countries around the world, and Asukanet plans to attend as an exhibitor for the first time. We will provide information about our exhibition at a later date.

4. Direction of the Holographic Display Business

While the glass ASKA3D-Plate products are relatively expensive, they achieve high imaging quality and large midair images, and we believe they can make a strong showing particularly in the signage industry. On the other hand, the plastic ASKA3D-Plate products have imaging quality somewhat inferior to the glass products, but can be provided at low cost and in large quantities, and we expect they will be combined with sensors for embedding applications. With this "Touch panel not touching," we will actively expand in the touch panel market, including non-contact / gloved operation applications, or image improvement for existing touch panels.