Announcing Our Participation in CeBIT 2018 (Germany, June 11 to 15)
Exhibiting Our Plastic ASKA3D-Plates Designed for Mass Production

As part of our aerial imaging business operations, Asukanet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Asukanet; head office: Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, President and CEO: Yukio Fukuda) is going to participate in CeBIT 2018 (, a B2B exhibition for innovation and digitalization at Hannover Fairgrounds in Germany from June 11 (Monday) to 15 (Friday) of this year.

Around 3,000 companies from about 70 different countries are going to participate in CeBIT 2018. This large-scale international exhibition, which is expected to attract approximately 220,000 visitors, is directly linked to various business fields.

In Germany and other European countries, the demand for non-contact touch panels is expected to grow in the automotive industry, aviation, medical equipment industry, and various other fields. Therefore, we want to present our non-contact operation panels with plastic ASKA3D-Plates and other technologies that can be applied in the automotive or medical equipment industry in order to promote the integration of those technologies in various products.

Asukanet Exhibition Highlights at CeBIT 2018

  • 1. Exhibiting our plastic ASKA3D-Plates designed for mass production
  • 2. Demonstrating robot operation with ASKA3D-Plates
  • 3. Exhibiting operation panels that are projected from show windows
  • 4. Exhibiting skeleton housings to demonstrate how our technologies work

Video showing mid-air touch operation of plastic ASKA3D-Plates

General Information about CeBIT 2018

Duration: From June 11, 2018 (Mon.) until June 15, 2018 (Fri.)
Venue: Hannover Fairgrounds, Hannover, Germany
Technologies to be exhibited: Big data business solutions, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and data analysis, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), web and mobile solutions, research and innovation, IT services, IT infrastructure and data centers, security, communication and networks
Who can enter: Professionals working in relevant fields
How to enter: Register through the official website in advance or at the venue on the day of the event.
You can also purchase tickets there or through the official website of Deutsche Messe
For details, please contact the organizers directly.