Entering the First Stage of Mass Production for Our Plastic ASKA3D-Plates
~ Stabilized Quality and Improved Yield Rate ~

Our aerial imaging operations focus on developing and manufacturing plates (referred to as "ASKA3D-Plates" in the text below) that are capable of projecting aerial images by relying on our proprietary technology. We are proud to announce that we are now ready to enter the first stage of mass production for our plastic ASKA3D-Plates with aerial imaging capabilities.

1. History

For many years, we have been seeking to establish a mass production system for our plastic ASKA3D-Plates. We first had to develop a reliable mass production method and develop a prototype. Last November, we successfully tested an improved version of it and then moved on to the mass production prototype stage while simultaneously creating product samples. Our goal was to stabilize the product quality, increase the yield rate, and further improve our production method.

2. Shifting to Mass Production

At the mass production prototype stage, we repeated fixed quantity production cycles while improving the production method in each process and defining detailed production conditions. As a result, we can now ensure a consistent quality level and achieve a better yield rate. We are about to enter the first stage of mass production with a manufacturing capacity of about 3,000 units per month. The current maximum size of an ASKA3D-Plate is 200 mm by 200 mm square.

3. Our Goals

Our planned manufacturing capacity for the first stage of mass production is about 3,000 units a month. However, by enhancing the production equipment in some of the processes, we could relatively easily increase the manufacturing capacity to about 10,000 units per month. Our goal is to adjust our manufacturing capacity according to the amount of orders we receive in the future. In addition, we want to improve the image quality and brightness while also seeking to reduce costs in order to respond to the needs of our customers. To develop our business, we are going to look for projects that are suitable for our current price range and manufacturing capacity. It is our ambition to start marketing mass-produced plates as soon as possible.

4. Outlook

Although the shift to mass production itself is not going to have a direct impact on our business results, we believe it will give us a better chance to successfully start marketing mass-produced plates and help us increase our medium-to-long-term corporate value.