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Announcing the Launch of "AIR ZERUQ" Professional Beauty Treatment Machine
About Alios Co., Ltd.

We are happy to announce that Alios Co., Ltd. has developed and officially launched a new professional beauty treatment machine named "AIR ZERUQ," which is equipped with our ASKA3D-Plate.

AIR ZERUQ, which utilizes our ASKA3D-Plate technology, is a slimming machine for professional use targeted at beauty parlors nationwide. One of its most remarkable characteristics is the capability to display the operation screen as an aerial image. This effect is created by an ASKA3D-Plate installed in the system.
The machine's aerial operation screen solves a number of issues observed in conventional beauty treatment machines for professional use. For instance, beauty salon workers need to wash their hands to remove any body oil or gel they use for their treatments before they can operate the equipment. Also, any oil stains on the screen or other parts can cause the equipment to break down. Several salons have already ordered the new machine. We hope the aerial images created by our ASKA3D-Plates can provide the right solutions for beauty salons all around Japan.

Asukanet wants to continue expanding its sales in order to enable an even wider range of applications for its ASKA3D-Plates in the future.

"AIR ZERUQ" Professional Beauty Treatment Machine

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Product name: AIR ZERUQ
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